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  • Videos-Recipe_For_F.R.E.S.H_Fabrics_Commercial_60_34

    Recipe For F.R.E.S.H Fabrics Commercial

    Valley Forge Fabrics shows their recipe for creating F.R.E.S.H Fabrics

  • blackout-nightmare-2014_60_34

    Valley Forge Fabrics’ Blackout Collections

    Introducing Valley Forge Fabrics' Blackout Collections.

  • Valley_Forge_Fabrics-Jean_Claude_Van_Damme-Epic_Spli-Spoof_60_34

    Valley Forge Fabrics - Jean Claude Van Damme - Epic Split - Spoof

    Valley Forge Fabrics shows flexibility and stability in its deliveries.

  • harlem-shake_60_60

    Harlem Shake Invades Valley Forge Fabrics

    We work hard and play hard!!!! This video is the only instance we caught on tape. But we are fun to be with EVERY DAY!!

  • judy-dobin-icon-award-2010_60_50

    NEWH 2010 Icon of The Year

    Judy Dobin receives highest level of recognition given to manufacturers for Hospitality & Lodging with the NEWH ICON of the Industry Award 2010.

  • sage-award_60_40

    Sage Award

    The award program was launched to recognize environmental accomplishments within the home furnishings and bedding industries.

  • something-unexpected_60_40

    Something Unexpected

    LIVING FRESH® with Tencel+Plus™Lyocell is the only fiber from Eucalyptus engineered for hospitality.

  • this-or-that-video_60_40

    This Or That

    The eucalyptus fiber Tencel+Plus™Lyocell, is engineered for hospitality.

  • bed-bug-protection_60_40

    Bed Bug Protection

    Fully encases your mattress and box spring cover allowing nothing in or out.

  • carbon-footprint-cnbc_60_40

    Carbon Footprint

    Valley Forge Fabrics offsets Carbon Footprint

Decorative Fabrics

Valley Forge Fabrics is the world's largest supplier of decorative fabrics for the hospitality industry.

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